Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Its kinda belated , Happy New Year and Happy Birthday Mellissa!! haha. Finally I got some quiet time in the middle of Auckland heat wave! New Year resolution?.. working on last year 2 years resolution! Everything is work in progress with me. 

Good thing is world didn't end in December last year, so there is still hope! 

Hope that I manage to get pay increase this year! Hope to find few friends through this Blog medium of social media who share my passion, cooking , baking, beading, poetry etc..etc..etc.

Focus for this year is really to get my Etsy shop to its full potential, hence this blog is one of the goal that I have to get my grip on... wonder how do I link my Etsy shop to this...:P

 I yet to hit the right track.. but as I said many times before... good things take time and never say never!

Roll on 2013.. like Sam Cooke said.. Change is gonna come...